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Flow from the reservation to returning the car



  • Upon your departure, please pay the fee based on the plan of your drive.

  • Please pay on the departure day; your credit card can be available, but we really appreciate it if you pay by cash.


  • Cancelling your reservation requires the toll free number for a reservation.

  • Upon your cancellation, we ask you to pay the cancellation fee according to the timing of it.

  • Note: In case that the deal has not been sealed at the time one hour after the scheduled time of departure, we might make a cancellation of your reservation.

    ・Cancellation fee in case of 3-6 days before the departure: 20% of the base fee.
    ・Cancellation fee in case of 1 or 2 days before the departure: 30% of the base fee.
    ・Cancellation fee in case of the very day of departure: 50% of the base fee.

About midterm cancellation

  • If you return the car before the due day, we can't refund the fee for the un-used days.

About reservation

Early reservation is recommended, for you can select the perfect car and term from various options.

Please apply from our website below or don't hesitate to call us.

・Please inform us of how many days and from what time you would like to rent our car through the application.

・If you want to know what options are available for your car, please don't hesitate to call us.

・The phone number for transportation service can't accept making and changing a reservation.

  • Please decide how long and what kind of car you will use in advance.

  • Please inform us that how many people will use the car for what purpose.

  • If you need to make us keep your car, please call us.

The flow on the departure day

Visit us

  • You can visit us by yourself or by our transportation service.

  • We will pick you up at New Chitose Airport by our bus.
    ※Check where to get on our bus at New Chitose Airport from here

  • In case that we have not informed in advance, we might have to decline to pick you up.

  • When you are ready, please call our phone number for transportation service at the airport.

  • ※ The phone number for transportation service is 0123-22-8781

  • We sometimes have to ask you to wait for our bus arriving. Thank you for your patience.

  • We shall not be responsible for any damage, loss or disadvantage caused by possible delay of our bus. Thank you for your understanding.



  • Please let us have and confirm the copy of your driver's license.

  • We need all the licenses of the drivers of the car.

  • In case that the driver of the car can't come in person, please inform us.

  • Please confirm the contract sheet and letter of consent to sign them.

  • We will tell about how to return the car, including about the designated filling station.

  • We ask all our customers to pay the fee in advance.



  • We ask you to check scars on the body of the car.

  • After checking where the navigation system and electronic toll collection system lie in the car, we'll give you the easy instruction.



  • After all the confirmation above, time to hit the road.

  • Drive safely and enjoy your Hokkaido travel fully.

How to return the car


  • Please fully fill up the car at one of our designated filling stations.

  • The person at the filling station will give you a receipt; please take this to our shop.

  • The receipt with the time and the name of the person who served on will certify that you have filled up the car.

  • Your litters should be disposed of at the filling station.



  • After fueling the car, please return it to our shop.

  • Please inform the person in the shop of your returning.

  • Please hand in the receipt and the copy of the contract sheet.

  • Please leave the key inserted.



  • We check the condition of the car, including scars.

  • We check whether any extra fee is due: for example, because of expiration of deadline.

------ reservation ------


Completion of returning

  • If you have no extra fee, the procedure is over.

  • After this procedure, we take you to the airport by our bus.

  • Thank you for your travel with us!

In case of a trouble
In case of delay of returning

If you can't help being late for the scheduled time for returning for some reason, please inform us as soon as possible.

Otherwise, we may have to impose a penalty charge.

In case of something wrong with the car

In case that your car has something wrong, please contact our shop or the phone number below.

■Ones rental car general reception : 0120-15-3232

Parking violation

Please present yourself at the police station on the notice and complete the necessary procedure and payment for parking violation.

Don't forget to bring the filled paperwork and receipt for the fine to us then.

In case of a car accident
  • If somebody is injured, call 119, which is emergency call in Japan, and give aid.

  • Then, inform the police of the accident and contact us.
    ※Please go through procedure to obtain a certificate of the accident.

The Chitose Airport branch of Ones Rental Car offers cars, all which are equipped with a car navigation system, CD player, and ETC system, at low cost, for we would like all of you to enjoy your Hokkaido travel safely and comfortably.
Plus, the speedy transportation service is available for free, by which we transfer you between our shop and the airport.

For Transportation service 

Operation hour; 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Toll free number for a reservation

for a fixed-line phone, Operation hour: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Navigation for a reservation

for a cell phone, Operation hour: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


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