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About charge system

With Wanz car rental, the latest cars are also available at low prices!

We realized a super-discount rent-a-car where customers had been waiting for.

Of course, we have a wealth of popular models, so you can use it with confidence in various applications!

Basic charge

It is a rent-a-car charge of each class.

We are preparing at super price.

Additional service charge

There are options such as a child seat and an exemption guarantee fee.

Total usage

Basic charge + Option · Disclaimer


= It is a charge.

Car rental price list
Car rental basic charge

It is a rent-a-car basic charge of each class. Car navigation system, CD, ETC are installed on all models standard.

* In addition to the above, 1,100yen will be added per day (24h) if you are subscribed for exemption from indemnity.

* The current model (new car registration car) is a charge for one class up.

* The same price as the charge class of each class is applied for extension charge.

Ex: M class · Extended for more than 3 hours → Add the same day fee

Ex: M class · Extension over the date → Add overnight charge

High season additional charge

If the departure date is the following period, the amount in the table will be added every 24 hours

《Golden Week》1,100¥

《Summer 7.1~8.31》1,100¥

《New Year holidays 12.28~1.3》594¥

※ High Season fee will not apply in case of using Monthly Plan.

※ The following amount applies regardless of usage class.

※  Departure during the applicable period is eligible. Application differs according to the period of use.

※ Extended fee will be covered if departed during the applicable period.

Ex 1) Departure on 26th April ~ Use of return on May 1st · · · · Regular fee

Ex 2) Departure from 27th April ~ Use of the return on May 2nd · · · · High season fee applicable

Example 3) Departure from May 6 ~ Use of return on May 10 · · · · High season fee application

Example 4) Departure of May 7 ~ Use of return on May 11 · · · · Regular fee

Option · Exemption Subscription fee table
Optional equipment fee table

We prepare baby sea, child seat, junior seat and so on.

《Baby Seat》24h 550¥・1month 5,500¥

※Height 50-75cm or less ・ Weight 10kg or less ・ Up to about 12 months after birth

《Child seat》24h 550¥・1month 5,500¥

※Height 75-100cm or less, weight 9-18kg, 1 to 3 years old

《Junior seat》24h 550¥・1month 5,500¥

※Height up to 100-135cm, weight 15-32Kg, 4 years old to 10 years old

《Baby / Child Seat》24h 550¥・1month 5,500¥

※Height 50-100cm or less, weight 18Kg or less, 0 to 3 years old

Compensation indemnity system

Before departure, if you pay a deductible compensation fee (not insurance)

We will compensate you for the burden of the objective exemption amount (50,000 yen) and the vehicle compensation exemption amount (50,000 yen) at the time of the accident on behalf of the customer.

※ The subscription to the disclaimer guarantee system is voluntary.

《Immunity compensation subscription fee per 24 hours》All models1,100¥

※Subscription after departure · Cancellation is not possible. In case of extension, it will be updated automatically.

※It does not apply when it falls under the disclaimer of insurance policy.

※ Customers who are under 21 years of age and who have obtained a license less than 1 year can not join.

※ If you have accident history in the past and we deem it inappropriate, we may refuse to join.

※Even in the case of subscribing to the exemption limit compensation system, the following operating compensation fee is borne.

※ International license cards are not accepted.

Long term rental monthly fee table

Monthly rental cars of the topic now can also be used with Wanz car rental cars.

As we are preparing various types of vehicles you can take advantage of the car that fits the scene you need.

Realizing the surprisingly low price by not renting the vehicle as the latest model!

Monthly rate list

A great monthly rate for long term rental. Ideal for long-term business trips and long stays.

《M class》1month 77,000¥


《L class》1month 132,000¥


《1BOXclass》1month 165,000¥


※ All rates listed are tax included.

※ The above amount will be included with compensation exemption system,

Only those who are 21 years old or older, and those who have obtained a license more than 1 year will be eligible for compensation only.

The Chitose Airport branch of Ones Rental Car offers cars, all which are equipped with a car navigation system, CD player, and ETC system, at low cost, for we would like all of you to enjoy your Hokkaido travel safely and comfortably.
Plus, the speedy transportation service is available for free, by which we transfer you between our shop and stations, nearby hotels and the airport.

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