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Company Profile

The weapons of Rhythm Co., Ltd. are " Energy " and "Smile".

Everything starts with these two.

Energy and smiles flow from people to people and have the power to transform any environment into a bright environment.

Rhythm Corporation will always look to the future and want to strive to create a company full of smiles.

------ Company Profile ------

Rhythm Corporation

company name

June 23rd 1990


10 million yen


25 people


400 million yen

Annual sales

------ Management policy ------

 We will respond flexibly to changes in the flow of the world and values and keep on moving forward.


✅ In order to contribute to society, we will work with our employees' families 24 hours a day, 365 days a day to develop our company.

✅ In any era, I think that "always positive, serious action, everything is an opportunity" and things will proceed.

Thanks to our customers there is a profit, the company holds.

Rhythm's job is to make customers happy.

------ History ------

◆ Running ice cream shop business started (1997)

Developed in 10 Obihiro vehicles at Obihiro, Sapporo, Hakodate, Kitami, complete lease from Heisei 9

◆ Property and casualty insurance agency business start

Heisei 2

◆ Rhythm Commercial establishment start of limited company start

◆ Ice cream shop "Peloniti shop" open (1996)

Heisei 5

◆ "Car purchase specialty store Gulliver" accession (SUPER Heisei 11)

5 stores opened in Obihiro, Asahikawa, Kitami

Heisei 7

◆ Changing organization name from Rhythm Shoji limited company, establish rhythm corporation

Heisei 9

◆ "Fujicolor Palette Plaza" accession (2002 Heisei 14)

Expanded three stores in Obihiro city's suburbs (Otaru and Tenka)

Heisei 10

◆ "Car purchasing specialty shop Nice Beaver" started business (2005 Heisei 17)

Expanding 4 stores in Obihiro, Wakkanai, and Shizuno

Heisei 11

◆ "Good Car Life World Park" opened in Ebetsu City (Saitama 2002)

◆ "Rabbit if you sell cars" accession

Expanding 3 stores in Obihiro and Naka-Tsu

Heisei 12

◆ "Auto Mall Patata" Opened in Obihiro City (SUPER Heisei 27)

Heisei 16

◆ One's Rental Car Obihiro Store Open

◆ One's Rental Car New Chitose Airport Shop Open

Heisei 21

◆ One's Rental Car Opened Kagoshima Airport Store

Heisei 26

◆ Real Estate Rental Gulliver Outlets Obihiro

◆ One's Rental Car Open Beautiful Motor Pool

Heisei 27

◆ One's rental car New Chitose airport store Chitose city beauty 1292 address 922 to be relocated

Heisei 30

------ Privacy policy ------

Rhythm Co., Ltd. (the "Company"),

In order to be able to use our company with confidence in many customers, we will protect your personal information by handling personal information accurately and safely, and respond to that trust.


We always keep in mind the matters listed below and strive to pay close attention to protecting your personal information.



1.We respect the dignity of individuals, comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information, and we will endeavor to properly protect personal information in accordance with internal regulations regarding customer's personal information handling.


2.We will take reasonable corrective measures and safety measures against risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, falsification and leakage.


3.We will strictly manage personal information you keep from the customer and use it within the scope of the notice we announced.

Also, when delegating the processing of personal information to the outside, we will contract, guidance and safety management with contractors to strictly adhere to safety management.


4.At our company, we will gather personal information of customers by the appropriate means, limiting your personal information to the necessary range.

We collect personal information only for the operation and management of various kinds of services and other use within the range of purpose of use specified in advance.


5.With respect to the personal information that you keep, if you are requested to disclose, correct, correct the scope of the offer, or delete the scope of the offer from the customer, we will promptly verify the identity of the customer, promptly as soon as reasonable It corresponds to.

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